Interesting video about project of Eye-Camera. Grow a new eye – is about engineering a new bionic camera eye.For me it is so freaky to have camera in your head. But it will be first of that kind.

I must say that i never will have good feeling with something in my eye socket capturing enviroment.Its sound little scary. Here are some info i copy from that site.


  • SD at least, 720p HD at best
  • MPEG-4 / H.264 Recording
  • Built in Wireless Transmitter
  • Bluetooth Wireless Method
  • Remote Trigger
  • Mini A/V out
  • Firewire / USB / Mini HDMI
  • Optical 3X
  • Inductors: (Power Source)

External Mobile Application:

  • Acts as remote
  • Power source
  • Feed

Wish List:

  • Wireless
  • Sensors that respond to blinking enabling camera to take still photos, zoom, focus, and turn on and off.
  • Dilating pupil with change of light.
  • Infrared / Ultraviolet
  • Geo-tagging
  • Facial Recognition
  • Water Tight
  • Verisimilitude

To read more please visit Kickstarter.

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