Phil Hansen – Amazing art

This is an artist who can not afford to miss. His method and manner of expression are certainly the least remarkable.

“His breakthrough piece was a time-lapse video of a two-day project called Influences.He thirty pictures painted on his torso, one over the other, each picture representing an influence in his life. After it was completed, he peeled the layer off and cut a silhouette of his own profile “.



Very interesting approach to art. Also, special attention goes to the details of the work.

48 women – also specific work for him with lots of details that make a distinctive work.

A pointalized portrait of each victim of the Green River Killer was made ​​and then photocopied. Portraits were then cut out by hand and placed by hand to make a portrait of Gary Ridgeway. There are almost 12.000 victim portraits. If you have a small monitor his work then you know that every work has a certain message to society.

Regardless of whether critical or self critical. His latest work, “Van Gogh” is also distinctive, with interesting details. I asked my viewers about an experience that shocked them or caused disbelief. Over 1000 of these stories are written in sharpie to make this image of Van Gogh over 90 hours. This project started at the studio is completed and live at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival ..

Hansen was chosen to be the official Artist for 51st annual Grammy Awards held on February 8, 2009.

A time lapsed “making of,” video has been placed on Youtube,and will be placed on, the official CBS and Grammy Websites.



I personally wish him a lot of good work and the more quality work like this.


To find more visit official or myspace page – Philinthecircle.



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