Self defence


I do not know what to say for this fight. Very strange circumstances:) But one of the best things is when he beats a few times a fist in the face, got up and away and says it was self defense. I think it’s kind of a little too far with the self-defense seems to me. But any case, this man lying down got a good kick in the face.

America is the law.



Kinect – Punch


This is an ideal way to spend time with family. Just what this father is not very paying attention to your child. Or had too little space or too carried away. But in every case I looked at the video several times. I know, I know, I’m sorry baby but still fun to look at more times.


The sound of impact is epic.


Adam Saaks Cuts

In this video Adam Saaks cuts T-shirts in Stockholm. This is something between fashion and performance art. Interesting combination of things with the help of scissors. Skillfully and effectively.

Since I’ve seen a lot of the web of similar works, this is quite apart from the average. That also is practical and does not fall into some sort of high fashion or is it required large amounts of money for these creations.



Also here is a video that serves as an exercise if you’re a little reluctant to try your skills with the scissors.



For more info visit Adam Saaks – Facabook page.


Phil Hansen – Amazing art

This is an artist who can not afford to miss. His method and manner of expression are certainly the least remarkable.

“His breakthrough piece was a time-lapse video of a two-day project called Influences.He thirty pictures painted on his torso, one over the other, each picture representing an influence in his life. After it was completed, he peeled the layer off and cut a silhouette of his own profile “.



Very interesting approach to art. Also, special attention goes to the details of the work.

48 women – also specific work for him with lots of details that make a distinctive work.

A pointalized portrait of each victim of the Green River Killer was made ​​and then photocopied. Portraits were then cut out by hand and placed by hand to make a portrait of Gary Ridgeway. There are almost 12.000 victim portraits. If you have a small monitor his work then you know that every work has a certain message to society. Continue reading

Mind your step

Mind your step is a street illusion at Sergels torg in Stockholm between 7-12 June 2011. Photographer Erik Johansson is the creator of this nice project. It is all in full-HD. Watch and enjoy. Watching the illusion from right position gave the impression of a 32 x 18 meter (105′ x 59′ feet) hole right down in the ground. For more go visit



And one video about how people react on this art.


Facade projection

See an excellent presentation of the compound graphics and animation. This is really invested a lot of effort into the details. Production credit for making this a and look at their site to become familiar with their work. And if you are interested in this work it is done with the help Mxwendler.



See the extended version here.