Mind your step

Mind your step is a street illusion at Sergels torg in Stockholm between 7-12 June 2011. Photographer Erik Johansson is the creator of this nice project. It is all in full-HD. Watch and enjoy. Watching the illusion from right position gave the impression of a 32 x 18 meter (105′ x 59′ feet) hole right down in the ground. For more go visit Alltelleringet.com.



And one video about how people react on this art.



Facade projection

See an excellent presentation of the compound graphics and animation. This is really invested a lot of effort into the details. Production credit for making this a Urbanscreen.com and look at their site to become familiar with their work. And if you are interested in this work it is done with the help Mxwendler.



See the extended version here.


“New” Twitter

For all fans of Twitter comes a new design. Besides the design has some improvements around function. But I’m not a big fan of just to know. I use it at intervals but I’m not sure why everyone obsessed with him.

And also a lot of people complained of problems with Android applications. I do not want to be negative but after a little time on the internet I see that there is still a lot of things to fix. But everyone has their own happiness. You tweet me and I will tweet you. WTF?

Wondering why I then publish this news? Good question. I do not know the answer. All I know is that I often get headaches. There may be a link with my problems …


Autodesk Labs Project Photofly 2.0

I must say that this is a really useful software and quite powerful if the end is perfected. Not to mention it would be useful for many applications in gaming, animation, 3D …

Very practical also for amateurs who want to discover the 3D world. Still interested in what would be the price for this software. I believe that these things will be somewhat normally and acceptable for some 5-10 years.Especially if we look at how 3D are increasingly represented in the media, games, movies and the TV itself.


This is some info from Youtube channel – Project Photofly is a cloud-based service that converts 2D photographs to 3D computer models. It is available as a free technology preview on Autodesk Labs.

This video demonstrates how to take a series of photographs with a standard digital camera to maximize the results.



Dota 2 – International Championship

Valve maintains  Dota 2 tournament where you can win millions of dollars. The tournament will be held at GamesCom fair. Signs of a real opportunity to win an excellent amount of money. Just a few years a pleasant life. This confirms that gaming is becoming a lucrative sport, provided you’re the best. It will also be on GamesCom first shown Dota 2.

For more information go to official Dota 2 site.


dota 2