Kimbo Slice vs James Wade

If you have not heard of him then I will present it briefly. Kimbo Slice, which is called the real name Kevin Ferguson began his career and great fame on YouTube with his street fights. As far as I know all the matches got but one. Then put it into the UFC. On which delivered a solid performance but not excellent. And this is his first boxing debut.

In this fight is definitely able to get a stronger opponent but in any case quickly and effectively ended the match by knockout.


Not bad for a debut.



If you want a little look of his earlier street fighting and a little look at what he did before.




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Self defence


I do not know what to say for this fight. Very strange circumstances:) But one of the best things is when he beats a few times a fist in the face, got up and away and says it was self defense. I think it’s kind of a little too far with the self-defense seems to me. But any case, this man lying down got a good kick in the face.

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